01 novembre, 2013

Article sur la vivisection

Mon article sur la vivisection écrit durant une partie de l'été a  été publié  en octobre sur le site de la grande juriste de Barcelone Térésa Gimenez Candela ("Derecho animal). J'espère que nous mettrons fin à cette pratique barbare:


Vivisection and experimentation have always been the object of controversy, from Ancient Greece through the 19th Century with experimenters such as Bernard, Flourens, Magendie, until the private and public laboratories of the 20th Century. According to the commonly accepted definition, vivisection is a surgical operation performed on a sentient animal with the goals of acquiring knowledge. Evidently, two forms of experimentation must be distinguished: the first of these attempts to cure while the second attempts to increase knowledge. Certainly, for technical reasons, animal research has been mandatory since Nuremburg, giv0en that, invoking Enlightenment thought, citizens must be well informed and free to make decisions.
In this article, the author posits the thesis that vivisection can no longer be a necessary evil in the 21st Century. Science can effectively propose substitute methods. It is therefore essential in the name of respect and dignity of animals to put an end to this barbarian procedure that is vivisection.                              
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